As with all systems provided by Bethel Engineering, we will work closely with you from concept to completion. Our Wood Treatment Systems strictly adhere to the Bethel design criteria:

Quality Products
Low Operating Cost
Minimum use of plant floor space
Minimum disruption of plant operations
Low maintenance costs
Ease of disassembly and relocation of equipment

Flooding Application Module:

Central to the system is the application module. This module provides for a gentle 'flooding' action of the pre-blended chemical. Full coverage of the product shall be achieved with minimal turbulence or shearing of the chemical. To further aid in this, positive displacement pumps shall be used rather than centrifugal pumps.

Pre-application Blow-off Module:

Before a chemical application can be performed, it is important to remove any residue from the wood or lumber products. This shall aid in keeping the contamination out of the treatment chemical reservoir tank.

Post-Application Blow-off Module:

After the coating process, removal of excess chemical is provided by a blow-off after module.

Conveying System with Lift Assist Tables:

To facilitate the movement of the product through the system, a series of powered roller conveyors shall be provided. Also, a scissor-lift assist at the entrance and exit is incorporated.

Filtration and Cleaning:

The Wood Treatment Systems are designed with multiple features to aid in filtration and cleaning such as removable strainers with bypass valves and valving to allow the cleaning water to be circulated through plumbing, pump headers, and application housing.

Electrical Controls Panel:

Electrical controls shall be provided for the safe starting of all electrical motors and systems. A few key control components include start and stop overloads, a level sensor for treatment chemical reservoir, float switch, auto/manual switches for a lift assist tables, three emergency stop stations, and touch screen for an enhanced interface.

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